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MouseLook in Blender 2.55 for Blender Game Engine

I was just trying to get the Mouselook Script running in Blender 2.55. I ran into some problems.

  • Indentation of Python Blocks
  • Mathutils is now called mathutils
  • AngleBetweenVecs or so is not any more
  • etc.

You canDownload the updated & running Version here: MouseLook.py.zip

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Roots of Mind

What are the roots of the humans?

Matchmoving in Blender and Voodoo – Cube on Desk

Followed this tutorial: http://fictionality.co.uk/doku.php?id=tutorials:matchmoving

First used Blender to export video footage as tga to voodoo, tracked motion, imported back into blender. Then inserted 3d elements and enabled softbody. Finally shadow and reflection.

Tropic Hotel Room

Made in Blender, rendered with Luxrender in 44 hours with ~6000 samples/pixel on 4 Cores with 2.3Ghz. The outdoor part is photoshopped.

The rc6 of Luxrender finally fixed a memory eating bug that occured on machines with many cores.



Luxrender, 18 hours render time. Inspired by the game Mirror’s Edge. HDRI Lighting Map and Meshlight.


Clericus Cup

Clericus Cup.
Made for the catholic youthmagazine “Regenbogen”. Will be published January.

Render Time: 100min.


By the Sea – Modern Version

By the Sea – Modern Version

Inspired by the work of Edward Hopper (http://www.artchive.com/artchive/H/hopper/room_sea.jpg.html)

Blender & Yafaray


By The Sea - Modern Version




Stereoscopic Image - Cross Eyed


Stereoscopic Image - Parallel Eyes