MontyKlu is a Swiss Army Knife for Natural Language Processing purposes. The original outility named MontyLingua features a core written in Python and developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Amongst other operations it is well capable of…

  • …lemmatizing words, 
  • …highly accurate part-of-speech tagging using the well-known Braille tag set, 
  • …splitting sentences into verb, noun and other sorts of phrases, 
  • …and extracting predicative information in an n-tuple syntax.

It has been enhanced by students of the University of Klagenfurt for further practical use including user-friendly editors for dictionaries and rules as well as high-performance algorithms to speed up operations on internal dictionaries.

The online demo is available at

The Team:

Montyklu Team

Montyklu Team (f.l.t.r): Mag. Dr. Günther Fliedl, DI Horst A. Kandutsch, Alexander Kopper Bakk., Manuel Warum Bakk., Stefan Krainer

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